Molly Mosher

Project Write, Inc., Board Member
Instructor, Grades 4-5

What is your favorite snack and/or drink when writing?

I have to have something to munch on that has a distinct crunch to it!  It can be healthy or junk, but I need the crunch!

What do you listen to when writing?

Peace and quiet.  I am too distracted to listen to anything.

Do you have any rituals when you settle down to write?

I have to organize my desk first, hide the clutter.  

Do you outline when you write or wing it?

I organize in my head.  Sometimes I organize on my long commute to work (over an hour each way).  I literally write in my head. Sometimes I write stories or events from my past.  I never prewrite for real. I just finally sit down to wing it, but use my “head notes.”  

Do you talk about works-in-progress or keep mum?

I don’t talk about what I am doing.  I am afraid I will get negative feedback. Once I have it pulled together I will share for editing.  

Do you prefer writing first drafts or editing?

I don’t like editing!  I like first drafts and the creativity of writing.

What was your favorite book as a child?

All the Laura Ingalls Wilder books.  My mother used to sit on my bed at night and read to me.  I was old enough to read them by myself, but having her read to me created our special time!  

As a teen?

I went through a stage where I loved scary books, but I am not sure why.  I loved mysteries and true crime. I then started reading books about children. That is when my interest in teaching began.  

As an adult?

One summer in college I read every John Steinbeck I could get my hands on. I announced to my mother that I was in love with him and wanted to meet him.   She broke my heart when she informed me he had been dead for years.

My favorite now is historical fiction.  I read every night in bed and sometimes wake up in the middle of the night to see what is going on in my book.  I can’t imaging not reading at night!

What is your favorite genre to read?

I love historical fiction.  I like reading true stories. I dislike fantasy, horror, and science fiction.  

What is your favorite genre to write?

I love writing short stories.  Stories about my life, experiences, or those of others are my favorite.  I would like to write historical fiction for children, but never get around to it.  I would also like to write books about animal rights that would help children make the right choices.  

Who is the author you most want to be compared to and why?

I am not quite sure.  Perhaps nobody in particular. I don’t like reading books that are too risque or have bad language.

What is your favorite writing/illustrating how-to book, technique, or website that has helped your craft or provided inspiration?

I don’t have one.  If I could be granted one wish, I would like to be able to draw. I can see it in my mind, but can’t recreate it!

Tell us about your writing journey. When did it begin?  

My writing journey began in elementary school. I wrote a short story about a haunted house.  My teacher gave me a D because I had spelling mistakes. A friend of my parents was a published author.  He found it in our kitchen and told me I was a talented writer and that my teacher didn’t know what she was doing.  I quickly disregarded my teacher and went to him for advice. I don’t think I was talented, I think he was just trying to save a kid who had her soul punctured.  In high school I had to keep journals in English. I still have them and they are an amazing time capsule into the era and what a teenage girl was thinking!

You’ve been stranded on a deserted island, so you finally have time to read, and this island happens to have a library! What’s the first book you crack open?

I will probably spend days perusing the library!  I want to look and explore as many books as possible. Besides the story, I love the outside of books. What does it look like? Are there any visual effects? Textures?

For one day, time travel is a reality and you have the opportunity to visit any famous deceased writer or artist you want. Who do you pick?  

Laura Ingalls Wilder or John Steinbeck. Although, F. Scott Fitzgerald might be fun!

You magically find a $100 bill in your box of cereal. In what frivolous way would you spend it?

I have a lot of rescue animals on my farm.  I don’t know if this is frivolous, but I would spend it to help an animal in need.

What is your favorite quote?

What do you enjoy doing when not writing or teaching?

I love spring and summer. I don’t like to be cold.  I spend my waking time with my animals and gardening….when not reading or writing, of course.