Sarah Andino is currently a fifth grade teacher at JGB “Brumfield” Elementary School in Warrenton, Virginia. Sarah has taught fourth grade three different times, and has several years of experience as a special education teacher in middle school to children with autism, a field near and dear to her heart.

Since moving to Warrenton, Sarah has been able to delve into her passion for teaching writing by partaking in many of the courses at Shenandoah University that inspire her to not only be a better teacher of writing, but to also write herself! Sarah is a teacher consultant for the Shenandoah chapter of the National Writing Project and enjoys teaching teachers as much as she enjoys teaching kids.

Currently Sarah is in her third year of running a writing club at Brumfield for fifth grade students. It is through the collaboration with both a student and a special education colleague, that the club was so successful in its first year. Sarah believes in the power of collaboration and published her first book, Riz’s Righteous Reveal, in the summer of 2018, that includes a student illustrator who is a former student and club member.

Sarah serves as an At-Large Member on Project Write’s Board of Directors.