The Brave Knight a classic tale with an important message

By Alexandra, Sophomore, Frederick County Public Schools, Spring Workshop Participant

Diane Tarantini, the author of the new children’s book The Brave Knight (released December 2021), has successfully made another fairytale that I’m sure will become a classic. As per the nature of fairy tales there are serious undertones and a lesson to be learned.

In this particular tale, children learn how to identify some of the signs of grooming. Tarantini also runs a blog that offers information on body safety for children, including a downloadable guide for adults working with children. 

The illustrations, by Jessie Haring, in this story are simplistic but do the tale justice. Young writers and children alike may find that this tale is well-written and gives a wonderful and important message. Another splendid fairy tale to add to the arsenal of those read in childhood. In this short tale children will learn about the signs of grooming and how they can stand up for themselves. 

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