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Like writing, cooking is both a process and a product. Some of us enjoy one part more than the other, but when it comes to writing about food, the best stories are not just about ingredients. Great food writing is about an experience or a memory tied to a food, whether it is creating the dish or eating it with good company.

As the holidays approach, many of us will be preparing our favorite dishes to share with friends and loved ones. At Project Write, we’re looking for good food stories, from reviews of the best restaurants to the unforgettable lessons you learned making tamales at Christmas with your abuela. Stories that include recipes are also welcome.

What are your strongest memories associated with food? Send us the stories you want to share so we can post them to our blog.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Write about your favorite food or a meal you love. Where were you and who were you with the first time you tried it?

2. Write a review of the last meal you had in a restaurant or a new food product you tried. This review can be serious or funny, though we won’t publish anything that will have the restaurant’s owner threatening to sue. Think about a good experience you’d like to share. If you are writing a restaurant review, remember to tell readers about the atmosphere, noise level, how crowded the restaurant is, how long you had to wait, and how pricey it is.

3. Do you have a signature dish or food you love to make? Give us the recipe and the backstory on how you learned to make it.

Send your stories to: by November 20 to be considered.

Happy writing!

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