We have two exciting scholarship opportunities for students in 2023!

Our needs-based scholarships are provided by the Shenandoah University Claude Moore Literarcy Grant and the Nora Roberts Foundation.

In 2023, one of our visiting guest authors is sponsoring a young writer. This is a merit scholarship that includes a writing sample.

For either scholarship, young writers will apply when completing the registration. Be prepared to upload the following:


Step #1Applicants must write at least a one-paragraph (5-7 sentence) response to the question, “Why do you want to attend Project Write’s Young Writers’ Summer Workshop/(or other workshop name)?” Also, include whether you are requesting a partial or full scholarship. This document can be submitted as a Google Doc, Word Doc, or other text document. A parent or teacher can assist with the upload, but the writing should be in the student’s voice.

Step #2 – Applicants must also have a teacher write a paragraph recommendation explaining how the scholarship would be beneficial for the student. You will need to enter the teacher’s name and email on the form. We will contact the teacher for the recommendation. We recommend that you ask if your teacher is willing to complete the recommendation ahead of submitting their information. You may use the sample request below.

Step #3 – Diane Tarantini Scholarship only: In addition to the young writers’ statement, young writers must submit a selection of 3-5 pages from at least two different writings. This document can be submitted as a Google Doc, Word Doc, or other text document. A parent or teacher can assist with the upload, but the writing should be in the student’s voice.

Click here for more information about the Diane Tarantini Scholarship.


Second Saturday Series (rolling awards while funds remain available): for all six workshops, apply no later than January 7; for series of four or five workshops, apply no later than February 10. For individual workshops, please apply as soon as possible and not later than the Wednesday before the requested workshop.

Advanced Young Writers’ Workshop (Scholarship funds are not designated for advanced workshops; however, if your young writer would like to attend and finances prohibit it, please email us, sometimes we can find a former PWI participant to support a new young writer)

College & Scholarship Application Essay Workshop to be determined

Young Screenwriters’ Conference (not offered in 2023)

Summer 2023 Workshop by May 4, 2023. Register here!

Applicants will receive an initial email confirming the receipt of his or her application (both the student response and the teacher recommendation) and will be notified of acceptance via email by by the posted response time.  If not accepted, the student will still have the chance to pay for the workshop. We make every attempt to work with every student requesting financial assistance.




Dear __________________________________,

I am applying for a scholarship to attend Project Write’s (program name) (at Shenandoah University OR online), and I have the chance to receive a partial or full scholarship made possible by the Claude Moore Literacy Grant, Marion Park Lewis Foundation, or Nora Roberts Foundation or the merit scholarship sponsored by author Diane Tarantini.

Please help me to earn this scholarship by writing a one-paragraph response explaining why receiving this scholarship will be beneficial for me as a student. (For needs-based scholarships:) Please include mention of my financial need. Responses should be emailed to youngwriters@projectwrite.org as soon as possible and no later than (see deadline schedule above).  The email subject line should include “Teacher Recommendation” and then my last name.  Inside the email, please include my first and last name, as well as your name and the name of our school in addition to your response.

Thank you for your help!


(Your name)