Submitting work to The Bloom

Students may submit work to the online anthology of The Bloom. Work will be considered and posted on a rolling basis. Work will be evaluated by one or more of the Project Write Teacher Consultants for creativity and appropriateness before being uploaded to the online anthology. Young writers will not receive feedback on submissions so please work with your parents or teachers before submitting. Works should be carefully proofread before submitting. PWI may correct minor mechanical errors. PWI reserves the right not to publish any work for any reason without explanation. 


  1. Students in grades 4-12 may submit up to two typed pages of poetry or prose (any genre) in 10 point Arial font.
  2. Works should be single spaced. Poems should appear on the page as the writer desires. Prose pieces should follow standard rules of format and punctuation (indented paragraphs, “quotation marks around dialogue,” etc.).
  3. Writers may submit one piece or several shorter pieces. Longer works may be submitted as An Excerpt from
  4. Be sure to TITLE your work(s). Center your title above your piece.
  5. Include your BYLINE as your preferred first name and last name initial below the title after the word By. For example, By Rhonda L. Center your byline.
  6. The work you select for submission should have been created or revised during the 2019-2020 school year. Submissions are now open for the 2020-2021 school year.
  7. Be sure to re-read and edit your work before submitting.
  8. You may type and edit your work in a Google Doc OR in a Word document. We can accept original comics. Please scan your images (be sure to number files in order if more than one page) and submit them as .jpg or .png
  9. Work can be emailed to Rhonda Lancaster at 
  10. Please include an Author Bio of a few sentences. Write in third person. Include what you like to read and write, what you like to do other than writing, and any other fun facts.

Example: After her slasher horror fiction was published in her middle school anthology, Rhonda L. knew she wanted to be a writer. She will graduate from James Wood High School this June and plans to attend Alderson-Broaddus University in the fall. When not writing horror, she enjoys reading it, playing with her three rescue pups, or learning new recipes.

Copyright: By submitting to The Bloom you give Project Write, Inc., permission to publish your writing and biography on where it will remain archived. You retain other rights to your work.