The Six
By Genevieve A.

And so, to what are we
The mere birth of a sunset
Or twixt’ an awakening of dawn
Are we the ones who dream
Whilst bound in bloodied black chains
Are we the ones who sing
Out to the shadows, with openness
Of the struggles of the six
Weeping, nothingness, lifeless, dark, shadowing, doubt
The six of our torn world
Are we to be the sky
Touching the horizon with playful hands
Or hands of those who whisper
They dance among you, almost tauntingly
Their honor before you, not six
Six control your reins of life
And, the reins are passed down
From sunset to sunset they drive
You try to stand, but fall
Do the six write your story,
The story of one you hate
You fear them, yes I know
But the six are not you
They are but lines, in life
Now, do tread careful, my friend
Tread to take the reins
Tread to take control
Because your story
Is not
It’s millions
It’s bright millions
It’s what you make
It’s the world, whilst standing
Your history, not six, the millions

Genevieve A. is a young aspiring writer, who’s been working on writing since she was five. She enjoys writing poetry, songs, plays, and fiction stories, along with reading the same things, and hopes to someday publish. She is 13 and in 7th grade. There is barely any “not writing time,” as writing is how almost all of her time is spent, usually with an annoying cat attempting to sit on her keyboard.

Published: July 25, 2020