In-person young screenwriters will choose from one of the follow breakout tracks to have an in-depth focus in an area of interest for an exciting afternoon of hands-on learning.

Check back as session descriptions are added!

Virtual and Augmented Reality Lab with Nathan Prestopnik and Mohammad F. Obeid

Spend the afternoon in the Virtual and Augmented Reality Lab where you will experience several well-told interactive VR stories with state-of-the-art VR headsets. You’ll learn about the design and development tools that students use to create immersive media for virtual spaces. Then, you’ll develop and pitch your own concept for an interactive VR story! (Limit 10 participants)

Esports with Joey Gawrysiak 

Come join us for a unique experience in our state-of-the-art Esports Arena for a chance to see what it is like to be part of an esports program and explore possible careers and skills in and through esports! You will get a chance to hear about the current state of esports around the world for high school, college, and professional esports players and fans. You will also get a behind-the-scenes look at an esports broadcast room before getting  the opportunity to get some hands-on experiences playing the games and working a broadcast behind and in front of the camera!

Writers’ Room with Kelley Crowley and Colette Girouard

Curious what a Writers’ Room looks like for American television? Join Kelley and Colette in The Writers’ Room for a few screenwriting tips before tackling the challenge of creating a pilot episode with your fellow young screenwriters!

Scriptwriting with Paul DiFranco

Tentative Description: Paul DiFranco will take students from logline to first draft, including script formatting, and then breaking down a script for cast, crew, & production. DiFranco will share with students pointers on how to prepare for taking a script from page to screen, including tips on lighting and behind-the-scenes preparation.

Film Experience with Andy Espinoza

Tentative Description: Spend your afternoon in the Film Studio learning “setiquette”— the Do’s and Don’ts of a professional film set from on-set behavior to the hierarchy of production jobs. Then, get your hands on the equipment to experience filming scenes from our scripts or yours!

Documentary Filmmaking with Anthony Brunner

Tentative Description: Learn how making documentaries is similar to and different from fictional filmmaking, then brainstorm ideas from your life that would make good fodder for a documentary. Finally, spend time planning how you might make a documentary a reality.

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